❶ 7 Simple Rules To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies

❶ 7 Simple Rules To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies
❶ 7 Simple Rules To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies

Video: ❶ 7 Simple Rules To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies

Video: ❶ 7 Simple Rules To Avoid Cosmetic Allergies
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7 simple rules for avoiding cosmetic allergies
7 simple rules for avoiding cosmetic allergies

Many cosmetics can cause allergies. People with sensitive skin usually show allergy to cosmetics when using a new product. However, cosmetics that have been used for a long time without any problems can also cause an allergic reaction. The result is a doubly unpleasant result: wasted money and a spoiled appearance. To avoid this, it is enough to adhere to a few simple rules. Location: Location:

1. Test

Before purchasing any cosmetic product, it must be tested on the bend of the elbow. If itching or redness appears at the site of applying cosmetics within three hours, you should refuse to buy this product.

2. Use facial cosmetics of the same company

The use of cosmetics from different manufacturers is fraught with the fact that the components that make up their composition can come into conflict and cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is advisable to buy day and night cream, as well as tonic and cleanser from the same cosmetic line.

3. Study the composition and shelf life of cosmetics

Always carefully study the information on the packaging provided by the cosmetics manufacturer. If you have sensitive skin, try to choose products that contain as little fragrances, colors and preservatives as possible. Do not use outdated cosmetics under any circumstances.

4. Change cosmetics periodically

Over time, the skin gets used to certain cosmetics, so its effectiveness begins to decline. In the worst case, prolonged use of a product can cause an allergic reaction to cosmetics. So change your funds from time to time. You can always find something suitable, because the cosmetic market is updated very often.

5. Be careful with summer fruit, berry and vegetable masks

If you have a food allergy to one of the types of vegetables, fruits or berries, this product should never be applied to the skin. Most likely, this mask will cause an allergic reaction.

6. Avoid chemical hair dyes

Chemically stable hair dyes contain many potential allergens. If you have sensitive scalp, try to avoid classic dyes completely. Natural dyes can be an alternative to these paints.

7. Before prolonged sun exposure, use a minimum of cosmetics

Due to exposure to direct sunlight, certain ingredients in cosmetics can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight. As a result, an allergic reaction may occur.

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