❶ If The Appetite Goes Away With Eating

❶ If The Appetite Goes Away With Eating
❶ If The Appetite Goes Away With Eating
If the appetite goes away with eating …
If the appetite goes away with eating …

Finding food and enjoying cooked food is a standard genetic program that is embedded in every person. Parents, as a rule, tend to bring food home, feed the child so that he never feels hungry. However, children are not always ready to absorb the offered dishes with pleasure. Location: Location:

Quite often, the problem of feeding a child is especially acute. What to do if the beloved child's appetite is low or completely absent?

First, it is better to consult a specialist to diagnose possible manifestations of lack of appetite. Perhaps the child wants to eat, but cannot because of toothache, inflammation in the pharynx, and gum disease. And it is possible that pain during eating occurs in the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, a child can refuse to eat because of a stuffy nose, which leads to difficulty breathing.

You should also carefully monitor your child. There are times when the baby does not like the taste of food (too salty, sweet, sour, bitter) or he does not like a specific product (onion, garlic in a salad, semolina, boiled beets). These foods can cause gag reflex and nausea. The physical characteristics of the food, for example, large pieces, a hot dish or "tea - boiling water", a salad that is too cold, can lead to the same consequences.

In the event that all of the above parameters are excluded by parents on their own or with the help of a doctor, you should pay attention to the very reason for the unwillingness to eat. This can be caused by viral or infectious diseases, which ultimately lead to loss of appetite.

And in conclusion, it is worth noting that lack of appetite can cause:

-slow metabolism (food eaten at breakfast is absorbed for a long time, therefore, the feeling of hunger does not occur);

-intensity of hormone production (the more is required for the growth and development of hormones, the more nutrients are required);

- the level of energy consumption in the body (the more the child moves, the more energy he needs).

Similar reasons for a lack of appetite appear in adults. It is very important to identify this problem in a timely manner and, if necessary, seek medical help from a specialist.

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