❶ October: Boost Immunity And Energize

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❶ October: Boost Immunity And Energize
❶ October: Boost Immunity And Energize

Video: ❶ October: Boost Immunity And Energize

Video: ❶ October: Boost Immunity And Energize
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October: boost immunity and energize
October: boost immunity and energize

What to do for yourself, beloved, in the midst of autumn, in order to be in good shape and not catch a cold. On the pages of the women's magazine JustLady recipes for increasing immunity. Location: Location:

Fighting autumn sleepiness

In October, the sun wakes us up less and less. And we become lethargic and sleepy. Not enough ultraviolet light. And along with it vitamin D. So lean on its natural sources - at least twice a week, cook dishes with fatty fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon, herring), cod liver.

Citrus acids quickly stimulate the body. Make it a rule to eat half a grapefruit, an orange, or a couple of tangerines every morning. Use lemon juice for refreshing face and body masks.

To improve sleep, at night it is good to take soothing herbal preparations with a sedative effect: valerian, motherwort, peony, lemon balm, and in the morning - stimulants: Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng, eleutherococcus.

Watch the pressure - in the morning it can be lowered. Therefore, it is better to replace morning coffee with strong and sweet black tea. The tannins contained in it will invigorate you for a longer time than caffeine. A glycine tablet can be added to stimulate brain activity.

And plan the most responsible and stressful work in the middle of the day - from 12 to 15 hours.

Surrounding ourselves with aromas

Our body reacts very vividly to odors. So, the aromas of citrus, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, mint, rosemary will help to increase efficiency and relieve fatigue.

Take warm baths with oils of lavender, juniper, pine needles for sleep coming, get a small aroma lamp. And you can also pour some healing oil into the amulet pendant and occasionally smell it.

Perfume with an aromatic range of citrus fruits, ginger and green tea will also help you feel toned.

We help immunity

Don't overload on medicinal stimulants unnecessarily! Natural adaptogens are safer: ginseng, Chinese lemongrass, Rhodiola rosea, Eleutherococcus, garlic, echinacea tincture. They activate metabolism and have a general tonic effect on the vegetative and endocrine systems.

Eat selenium. This trace element will support the immune system. You can "get" it from: option for gourmets - truffles, dry red wine, oysters; a simpler option - a bag of pistachios, porcini mushroom soup, a bunch of grapes.

Drink tomato juice - it increases the concentration of vitamin A necessary for immunity in all cells of the body. Zinc is also important - seafood, products from unrefined grain, brewer's yeast are rich in it.

Putting your nerves in order

In autumn, the emotional background of many is reduced, the mood deteriorates for no reason, it becomes somehow anxious in the soul. Let's try to fix it.

Water treatments are ideal for relieving anxiety. For example, the famous "dog tormentor" Academician Pavlov, when he was nervous, always rinsed his hands in a bowl of cold water. And holding your hands under running cool water is even better. Such a simple auto-training: wash your hands from elbows to palms, as if washing away your anxiety and sad thoughts with water.

Meditate. Retire, sit in any position that is comfortable for you, close your eyes and call upon the images that are most pleasant to your heart.

- Stock up on CDs with relaxation music, carry with you your favorite perfume that will cheer you up.

- Feed your intellect (dullness is the first friend of depression). And with something that the brain will digest for a long time and with pleasure, distracting from despondency and filling you with creative energy. There will be an exhibition, cinema, concert, ballet - it doesn't matter. The main thing is a positive, constructive feeling. Therefore, compose the intellectual "menu" so that it contains a maximum of sweet and a minimum of bitter.

Go to the gym

Sports activities should be physiological for a calm, "withering" season. Walking, jogging, swimming, gymnastics with components of yoga, wushu are best suited for these purposes. Strength training must be approached very carefully.

If a person sat at the computer all day, then got into the car, drove to the fitness club and rushed to the gym to push the iron, nothing good will come of it. Neither for the heart - such a sharp jump from complete rest to superload can lead to an attack, nor for the brain - if you try to relieve a strong mental stress with a strong physical one, you will feel like a driven horse in all respects.

We need tonic loads on a treadmill, an exercise bike (and other exercise equipment that is in the "cardio").

Elena Ionova

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