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❶ Prevention Of Influenza
❶ Prevention Of Influenza

Video: ❶ Prevention Of Influenza

Video: ❶ Prevention Of Influenza
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Prevention of influenza
Prevention of influenza

The hot summer passes, the capricious autumn sets in, smoothly turning into a harsh winter, and again we face the danger of colds, the most common of which is the flu. Many of us treat it rather lightly, believing that it is a trivial cold and should not be given special attention. However, common flu is a rather dangerous disease, fraught with many complications. The same varieties that have appeared recently, threaten not only complications, but also a fatal outcome. Therefore, the risk of getting the flu should be done with every effort to minimize, observing all measures of its prevention. What is this prevention, the women's online magazine JustLady tells its readers. Location: Location:

Prevention of influenza. Behavior

The most common type of influenza virus infection is direct contact with a sick person. To do this, it is not at all necessary that he touches another person or sneezes and coughs in his presence. The viruses of this disease can live on some surfaces for several hours, and can be transmitted from these surfaces to a healthy person. The one who is sick with the flu sneezed into his palm, then took a mug in his hands, handed it to someone - everything is ready. The virus found another victim. Therefore, during flu epidemics, all of us should wash our hands as often as possible, wipe them with antibacterial wipes or cover them with antibacterial gel.

In the same case, when the state of health has worsened somewhat, and there are suspicions of the presence of flu, while sneezing and coughing, contrary to the generally accepted opinion, one should not cover with his hands. Because this is how you can very quickly transmit the infection to others. Sneezing and coughing should be in the crook of the elbow or in a disposable tissue paper, which should be thrown away immediately.

If you are at risk of getting the flu, it is undesirable to touch your face often, as influenza viruses enter the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. By touching our face, we contract the flu ourselves and then carry it around us. In addition, during epidemics, you need to consume as much liquid as possible, as it cleanses the body and stimulates the immune system. An adult should drink at least eight glasses of water, tea, or juice a day.

Excellent prevention of influenza - bath or sauna. Scientists say that people who use the steam room at least twice a week have a 50% reduction in the risk of getting the flu, compared to those who ignore such establishments. This is explained quite simply: viruses that have already entered the human body cannot tolerate the temperature of the steam rooms and die safely.

Another effective way to prevent influenza is aerobics. Systematic physical activity promotes active sweating and accelerates the blood circulation, thanks to which our immune system is activated, thus strengthening the defense against viruses.

When it comes to nutrition, during flu epidemics, our diet must be enriched with foods containing phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are natural elements found in greens, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, to prevent influenza, you should eat as many red and yellow vegetables and fruits and leafy dark green greens as possible. In addition, low-calorie yoghurts are very useful to increase the level of resistance of the body during this period. Their bacteria stimulate the immune system. Seafood, fish, beef, lean pork, chicken meat prevent the spread of influenza viruses. Mushrooms, eggs, cheese, cauliflower are very useful in this regard.

The bulk of people in the autumn suffer from autumn hypovitaminosis. It is a lack of one or more vitamins and manifests itself as increased drowsiness, irritability, memory impairment, and excessive fatigue. If a complex of such symptoms is observed in a person, it means that he needs vitamins, which should be taken on the recommendation of a doctor. In addition, those who suffer from hypovitaminosis should include as much citrus fruits, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower oil, nuts, green peas, and cauliflower in their diet. And, of course, natural antibiotics are very rich in vitamins - garlic, onions and horseradish. In addition, they contain phytoncides that kill many viruses.

Our immunity is greatly weakened by stresses and nervous tension, which we must learn to relieve. By calming down, we increase the level of molecules in the blood that actively resist the flu and cold viruses. However, for this to happen, relaxation must evoke positive emotions, that is, it must take place in a pleasurable environment. If it is not possible for such a person to be in such an environment, it can simply, with the help of fantasy, be imagined for at least a few minutes.

They have a negative effect on the immune system and bad habits. Heavy smokers and heavy drinkers get the flu more often and longer. Cigarette smoke dries up sinuses and they lose their ability to fight off influenza viruses, and alcohol suppresses the immune system and dehydrates the body, leaving it defenseless against infection. Prevention of influenza in this case, if it is impossible to completely abandon these habits, is to reduce the use of alcohol and cigarettes to a minimum.

In short, in general, effective prevention of influenza requires a healthy diet, an active lifestyle that excludes bad habits and an excellent mood. And then this implacable enemy of our health will retreat, leaving the hope of successfully attacking our body.

Olga Kocheva

Women's magazine JustLady

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