❶ 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Sleep

❶ 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Sleep
❶ 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Sleep

Video: ❶ 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Sleep

Video: ❶ 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Sleep
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15 things you didn't know about sleep
15 things you didn't know about sleep

Sleep is an amazing and incomprehensible state about which almost nothing is known. How can you see something that you never even thought about? Why are objects and cities that we have never been to are recreated in a dream to the smallest detail? Location: Location:

15 things you didn't know about sleep

1. Without a medical examination, it is impossible to say for sure whether a person is sleeping or not. People very often fall asleep for a few seconds without noticing it, although their eyes remain open.

2. If you fall asleep immediately or five minutes after going to bed, then you have a lack of sleep. The correct time to fall asleep is between ten and fifteen minutes. This is not only an indicator of fatigue enough to sleep soundly at night, but also that you are not overcome by sleep during the day.

3. In the fast phase, dreams are illogical and incomprehensible, in the slow phase, on the contrary, dreams are reflections with a certain amount of fiction. Such dreams are like memories, as if you have forgotten something.

4. During REM sleep, eye movements coincide with movements in dreams. This is proved by the fact that in places the brain observes sleep from the side, as if watching a movie.

5. Inexplicable, but true. If you shine a bright light on the area behind the knee, then the sleep rhythm along with the person's biological clock will go astray.

6. Being awake for seventeen hours weakens attention and productivity. Effects as low as 0.05% blood alcohol.

7. Sleeping in a room where it is noisy or there are some extraneous sounds weakens the immune properties of a person, even if he does not wake up. Distracting sounds during the first and last two hours of sleep are extremely dangerous. They can provoke a complete breakdown of the regime and natural clock of a person.

8. The light from the electronic clock is enough to turn off the sleep mode in the brain, even if you continue to sleep.

9. You need to sleep in a cool place, body temperature and sleep are related. In summer, when it is hot, we sleep little and restlessly. The blood supply to the brain functions better at temperatures between 18 and 27 degrees. With age, the temperature range changes to 23-25 degrees. This is why older people are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders.

10. Some snoring people experience a sleep disorder called apnorea. A person with this ailment stops breathing about 330 times a night. This increases the risk associated with heart disease.

11. A person can snore only in the slow phase of sleep.

12. Women are more prone to depression, therefore, unlike men, they need an extra hour of sleep.

13. Having a baby takes about 500-700 hours of sleep from parents in the first year.

14. After five nights of insomnia, a drink of alcohol will have the same effect as two drinks after a good night's sleep.

15. Sleepy middle-aged people are more productive than sleepy young people.

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