❶ 13 Things A Woman Needs To Be Healthy

❶ 13 Things A Woman Needs To Be Healthy
❶ 13 Things A Woman Needs To Be Healthy

Video: ❶ 13 Things A Woman Needs To Be Healthy

Video: ❶ 13 Things A Woman Needs To Be Healthy
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13 things a woman needs to be healthy
13 things a woman needs to be healthy

Every woman has at least one rule for how to stay healthy. Scientists have discovered 13 amazing and at the same time simple secrets, following which a woman can be healthy and happy. Location: Location:

About drinks

Drink black tea. It is he who prevents bacteria from multiplying, due to which plaque and caries are formed. Moreover, substances in black tea prevent the formation of microthrombi in the blood vessels, which means that the risk of heart attack is reduced.

Don't drink Coca Cola. This type of drink is saturated with phosphoric acid. This flavor enhancer (designation E338) flushes calcium out of the body, contributing to bone degeneration. It is noteworthy that it is women who are more susceptible to this problem.

Don't drink alcohol. It has been proven that even a drop of alcohol contributes to the development of cancer of any type. Red wine, which is so praised by nutritionists, in turn, increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

About cleanliness

Do not overuse antibacterial agents. Even their external use can disrupt the natural bacterial balance of the body. Weak but beneficial bacteria will die, while pathogens, on the contrary, will become stronger and begin to multiply.

About contraception

Pills are not only the best way to protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also an excellent tool for strengthening the female body. Protect yourself and you will reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, and the effect will last up to 30 years even after a course of administration.

About tobacco

Do not smoke. It is women who smoke that the probability of cervical cancer is 2 times higher.

About bananas and nutrients

Treat depression and other psychological disorders with bananas, cottage cheese, or plums. They contain the amino acid tryptophan, a source of good mood.

The intake of folic acid by the expectant mother will reduce the risk of having children with impairments, and this element will also prevent retinal degeneration, which can occur with age.

About body weight

If you want to be healthy, don't be thin. Thin women are more likely to have problems with conception and a disposition to develop osteoporosis.

The optimal weight for a woman under 30 years old is 64 kg with a height of 165 cm.

About hormones

After menopause, the female body undergoes drastic changes, the amount of hormones drops, and there is a risk of osteoporosis, ulcers, bowel cancer and various cardiovascular disorders. Doctors recommend hormone therapy. But the combination of some hormones can, on the contrary, undermine your health. Thus, be careful and follow what hormones your doctors advise you.

About sunlight

A few minutes of sunbathing a day will reduce your risk of developing polycystic disease, the most common cause of infertility, by 95%. Tanning beds are also a source of vitamin D, so don't rule out getting some sun in this way.

About pills

Before tanning, remember which antibiotics you used. Some of them can make your skin more sensitive, making you more vulnerable to burns and cancer. So, either use more sunscreen or skip the sun altogether while on your medication.

About the stomach

Pay attention to stomach problems. Even mild bloating can be a symptom of ovarian cancer.

About sport

To avoid the problem of back and lower back pain, get dumbbells and do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the core.

About love

Regular lovemaking can not only raise the immune system, but also rejuvenate a woman by about 6 years.

About children

Having children and breastfeeding between 20 and 30 years of age can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

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