❶ Step-by-step Recipe For Classic Cheesecakes With Raisins

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❶ Step-by-step Recipe For Classic Cheesecakes With Raisins
❶ Step-by-step Recipe For Classic Cheesecakes With Raisins

Video: ❶ Step-by-step Recipe For Classic Cheesecakes With Raisins

Video: ❶ Step-by-step Recipe For Classic Cheesecakes With Raisins
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Step-by-step recipe for classic cheesecakes with raisins
Step-by-step recipe for classic cheesecakes with raisins

I wonder why the homemade dessert made from cottage cheese is called “syrniki”? It is believed that for the first time the dish began to be prepared in Ukraine, and translated from Ukrainian “curd” sounds like “sire”. Location: Location:

Recipe for cheesecakes with raisins

The classic version of curd cakes with raisins will delight the most fastidious gourmet. Golden crust, tender center and slightly crispy edges are the hallmarks of a properly prepared homemade dessert.

To prepare cheese cakes with raisins, you will need the following ingredients: 250 g of high-quality cottage cheese, a chicken egg, 2-3 tablespoons of granulated sugar, 3-4 tablespoons of wheat flour, 50 g of raisins, salt to taste, vegetable oil.

Cooking curd cakes with raisins

Raisins should be pre-steamed in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, dry raisins will spoil the taste of a delicate dish. During this time, you can prepare the dough. The use of ready-made curd or curd mass does not require preliminary preparation, since the product has a rather delicate consistency. It is recommended to wipe homemade cottage cheese through a fine sieve.

A chicken egg and granulated sugar are driven into the curd. The amount of sugar is determined by the culinary specialist. If the curd has a rather sour taste, the amount of sugar can be increased slightly. Beat the ingredients thoroughly. You can use a blender to get an even mass. A pinch of salt is added to taste.

Sifted wheat flour is gradually introduced into the prepared mass. This is a very important point, since the quality of the finished dish largely depends on the amount of flour. With an insufficient amount of flour, the syrniki will fall apart during frying. If you overdo it with flour, the dish will turn out to be quite dense and will lose its originality.

Therefore, you will have to experiment, focusing on the quality of the cottage cheese. If it looks juicy, take more flour, if the cottage cheese seems rather dry, you should reduce the amount of flour.

Steamed and slightly squeezed raisins, previously rolled in flour, are added to the finished mass. In this case, it will be evenly distributed in the curd mass. By the way, instead of raisins, you can use any dried fruit or pieces of fresh fruit.

Sprinkle flour on a cutting board and spread the curd mass on it. Having formed a sausage and rolled it in flour, the dough is cut into approximately the same size pieces, the thickness of which should not exceed 2 cm. Each circle is rolled in flour on both sides.

The vegetable oil is heated in a frying pan. It is recommended to fry cheese cakes over medium heat, as they burn easily at very high temperatures. As soon as the cheesecake is browned, it should be turned over to the other side. Then, the fried cheesecakes are tightly covered with a lid for a couple of minutes. Then they will surely bake the middle.

Dessert can be served hot or cold. Homemade jam or sweet sauce made with sour cream will be an excellent addition to the dish.

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