❶ How To Hide Beams On The Ceiling

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❶ How To Hide Beams On The Ceiling
❶ How To Hide Beams On The Ceiling

Video: ❶ How To Hide Beams On The Ceiling

Video: ❶ How To Hide Beams On The Ceiling
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How to hide beams on the ceiling
How to hide beams on the ceiling

After building a house, problems often arise with ceiling beams: the Alpine style is not to everyone's liking, and it is not easy to hide the supporting structures. Designers offer a variety of decor options, and builders offer cover-ups. Location: Location:

Ceiling device

It is not possible to remove the load-bearing ceiling beams into the floor itself after the installation of the floor covering of the upper floor, so it remains either to hide them or decorate them. The easiest way is to hide the beams behind additional coverings such as drywall or plywood. In this case, the beams are upholstered with the selected material from below. It turns out a suspended ceiling, which will only have to be tidied up with paint.

Plywood and chipboard sheets can be attached directly to the beams, but for drywall you will need profiles and guides that are placed across the beams.

However, this method has a significant drawback - it is a decrease in the volume of the room by lowering the ceiling.

The popular today stretch ceiling of their PVC film will help to hide unnecessary elements on the ceiling of the house. This is the fastest and most convenient way, because under the film you can place some of the communications, hide the wiring and ventilation ducts with it. Unlike suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings can create the illusion of height, it is enough just to correctly place the lamps and choose a glossy finish.

If you are not satisfied with these methods, you can consider methods for decorating ceiling beams.

Alpine decor

To decorate the ceiling beams, you may need the following tools and materials:

- coarse and fine sandpaper;

- stain;

- wood varnish;

- antiseptic coating;

- portable ladder;

- brushes;

- Sander;

- gloves.

Using a brush and an antiseptic coating, the surfaces of the ceiling beams are treated. Then you need to wait until the solution is absorbed into the wood and dries, then you can start sanding. It is advisable to carry out these works with a grinder.

Stain must be applied to the sanded beams - this is called “tinting the coating”. The stain differs both in color and composition, so on an inconspicuous area of wood, it is advisable to first try what will happen after impregnation. The composition is applied in even layers with a brush. You need to wait until it dries completely before proceeding to varnish the beams. It is advisable to use a colorless varnish so as not to interrupt the color of the stain. This method of decoration is called "alpine".

European style

There is also a second option: after grinding and coating with an antiseptic, paint the beam in one color or another that matches the design of the room.

After painting, you can proceed to the actual decoration. To do this, you can use various decorative lights located above the beams, or LED strip. If you want to create a high-tech room, you will need to decorate the beams for iron. Just cover the wood with silver paint and varnish, and place lamps of the same tone on the chains under the ceilings.

Beams painted in different colors from different sides look curious and voluminous. The Mediterranean style is popular, characterized by a combination of blue and white: the beams are painted blue, and the ceiling is painted white. The dynamics of the space will be given by transverse stripes or the decoration of the ceiling with a picket fence.

Often, designers offer unusual design options for beams, for example. It is very fashionable not just to paint them, but to paint them. There are also Khokhloma paintings on the ceiling, and whole panels.

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