❶ How To Cut A Carrot

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❶ How To Cut A Carrot
❶ How To Cut A Carrot

Video: ❶ How To Cut A Carrot

Video: ❶ How To Cut A Carrot
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How to cut a carrot
How to cut a carrot

Carrots are used to prepare various dishes - soups, casseroles, stews, side dishes, salads. Due to their bright color, carrots also serve as a decoration for the dish. To preserve shape and taste, there are several ways to cut carrots. Location: Location:

You will need

- knife;

- cutting board.


This method of cutting is suitable for preparing first courses, in which carrots are pre-fried in vegetable oil along with onions and other vegetables, and then put into the dish during cooking. First cut the carrots into slices, then put several slices together and cut into strips.


Sliced carrots look beautiful in meat broths, vegetable dishes, vegetable and meat casseroles, where coarse cutting of the ingredients included in the dish is used.


To slice carrots this way, you need patience and a sharp, thin knife. First, cut the carrots into slices. Then cut out small triangles in each circle around the perimeter. Carrots cut in such an original way will look beautiful in jars of pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as as a decoration for children's dishes.


If you are adding boiled carrots to salads such as vinaigrette or Olivier, it is best to cut them into small cubes, like the rest of the ingredients. To do this, first cut the carrots into circles, then put several circles together and cut into cubes.



Use sliced carrots for meat or vegetable rolls. To do this, slice the carrots lengthwise. Then cut each half into strips of the desired thickness.

Large pieces.

When preparing a stand-alone side dish with carrots or as part of a vegetable side dish, cut the carrots into large pieces. This method is ideal for baking or steaming carrots. To do this, cut the carrots across into several parts, then cut each part lengthwise into 2 or 4 parts.

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