❶ What Will Be The IPhone 6

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❶ What Will Be The IPhone 6
❶ What Will Be The IPhone 6

Video: ❶ What Will Be The IPhone 6

Video: ❶ What Will Be The IPhone 6
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What will be the iPhone 6
What will be the iPhone 6

The official presentation of the iPhone 6 is scheduled for August-September 2014. The exact date of the presentation has not yet been announced. However, this does not prevent the leading Western media from eagerly reporting on certain innovative solutions that will befall the novelty. Location: Location:

This year, Apple plans to present two smartphones at once. They will differ in the width of the display diagonal. Several leading American publications have indicated that phones with 4.7 and 5.6 inch displays will be on sale. Besides the main suppliers represented by Japan Display and LG, the screens will also be produced by the Taiwanese company Innolux.

Cardinal differences

The new phone will be the thinnest iPhone ever. However, according to some Chinese media reports, this can significantly affect the quality of the smartphone. The journalists were able to "get to the bottom" of the classified data, which says that the minimum critical thickness for a gadget is 6.1 mm.

What will happen to the screen

The screen of the device should become even brighter, the colors will be even deeper and the image clearer. An increase in screen resolution is planned. Perhaps the developers of Apple will try to introduce a new technology to the market, which is currently classified.

What will be the power

Increases in processor performance are expected. The journalists have not yet been able to find out the exact number of cores, but they will be more accurate at least two. Apple's own A8 processor will be used.

What other innovations to expect

Apple will only use one film to improve display backlight brightness, while previous iPhones used at least two, according to assurances from suppliers in the manufacturing chain. This will reduce the thickness of the phone, but at the same time it may have some disadvantages. For example, it is not a fact that one single film will be more reliable and better quality than two. Previously, the second film was used specifically for safety net.

What information could not be found

Until now, there is no information about which camera the sixth iPhone will be equipped with. With the definition of this component of the phone, fans can only guess.

What will be the price of the gadget

Analytical financial corporation Morgan Stanley predicts an increase in iPhone 6 sales growth by at least 20 percent over its predecessor. The gadget will need to surpass its main competitors, which have already presented their new products - Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.

The exact price of the gadget has not yet been announced. However, representatives of the American analytical company Pacific Crest predict an increase in the cost of the smartphone by $ 100 compared to the iPhone 5.

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