❶ Sexual Quirks And Pleasures Of Men

❶ Sexual Quirks And Pleasures Of Men
❶ Sexual Quirks And Pleasures Of Men

Video: ❶ Sexual Quirks And Pleasures Of Men

Video: ❶ Sexual Quirks And Pleasures Of Men
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Sexual quirks and pleasures of men
Sexual quirks and pleasures of men

A loving woman always wants to know what the beloved man prefers and dreams about in sexual relations. But it is not always possible to penetrate into men's fantasies, to find out what he likes, what makes him lose his head from passion. Men are often shy and secretive just like women. Location: Location:

And at the same time, the most modest / notorious / secretive man in his fantasies can indulge in unrestrained sex without rules and boundaries. And he will have his own favorite fantasy or quirk.

Let's figure it out for three

The fantasy in which a man has sex with two women is one of the most common and “beloved” by the male population. Moreover, preference is given to strangers, mulattos, Japanese women, Thai women, African-American women and lesbians. One of the women may be familiar, and the second from the above categories.

If in such a fantasy there are two men and one woman, then she will most likely be a stranger, since even in dreams a man will not be able to allow another man to possess his beloved.

Most often, men, in whose fantasies there is a second man, are latent homosexuals, or pronounced bisexuals who, in real life, cannot realize their inclinations.

Masochism as a hidden pleasure

Another fantasy that can give a man some painful pleasure is when he imagines how his beloved is having sex with another man or woman, and he himself watches this process from the outside. Such fantasies can bring satisfaction to a man in double the amount: from the fact that his beloved in real life prefers him, and from the fact that he enjoys the opportunity to torment himself with jealousy.

Hollywood in bed

Having sex with Keira Knightley or Marilyn Monroe is quite possible, however, in dreams. Men do just that - they do not hesitate to choose the most seductive cinematic beauties, top models, girls from men's magazines for their fantasies. Sometimes the object of fantasy can be a real woman - a neighbor, colleague, wife's friend. Such fantasies can be so real that the wife may feel that “something is wrong” and become jealous, although she cannot find real facts of betrayal.

Women's charms in close proximity

A naked female body and especially some of its parts in close-up has a very exciting effect on men. But often a man in real life is deprived of this sexual spectacle due to the shyness of his partner or his own and compensates for this "hunger" in fantasies.

Sex where you can't

Sex in a public place or in a situation that is taboo in real life is a secret male desire. A picture of a bitchy boss kneeling in front of him and caressing him with her tongue under the work table can lead a man into a state of extreme excitement. The heroines of such fantasies and the place of their fulfillment can change depending on different circumstances and the mood of the man. Risky sex adds a lot of adrenaline to the bloodstream, and the pleasure becomes sharper and more lasting.

Latex - and this is it again

Latex has a large and dedicated army of fans. The craving for shiny rubber underwear does not wane, perhaps because latex wraps around the body like a second skin and accentuates all its curves, depressions and bulges. And the tactile sensations from stroking latex underwear also give men great pleasure. In real life, married men are often deprived of this pleasure and can make up for it either in fantasies or on the side.

Let's play a game

Role-playing games are loved and popular among the male half of humanity. Sexy nurses, schoolgirls, Snow Maiden, geisha, hostesses, stewardesses - this is not a complete list of the favorite heroines of such games. Men in this case are attracted by some theatricality, and by the fact that in real life, not everyone and not always are lucky to spend time with a woman they like who belongs to these professions. In addition, a certain “work uniform” - a white robe, a short school uniform, a flight attendant's jacket, a geisha's kimono - gives the object additional sexuality.

If your loved one is really dear to you, and you yourself have a penchant for sexual fantasies, try to realize at least his simplest whim or fantasy - and he will be infinitely grateful to you.

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