❶ How To Get An Hourly Pay

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❶ How To Get An Hourly Pay
❶ How To Get An Hourly Pay

Video: ❶ How To Get An Hourly Pay

Video: ❶ How To Get An Hourly Pay
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How to get an hourly wage
How to get an hourly wage

In order to register an employee for an hourly wage, a tariff rate should be set for him. To do this, take a statement from the employee, draw up an employment contract with the appropriate conditions. The director should issue an order for employment with the salary prescribed in it in proportion to the hours worked. Location: Location:

You will need

- employee documents;

- order forms for personnel;

- employment contract;

- labor legislation;

- personnel documents;

- seal and documents of the organization.

When hiring an employee, you must accept the application. It must contain the name of the company, position, surname, initials of the head of the organization, as well as the personal data of the employee. The application is signed by a specialist and dated.

Enter into an employment contract with the employee. Write down the rights and obligations of the parties in it. In the terms of payment for the performance of a labor function by an employee, indicate the hourly wage rate. Its size is calculated by finding the wages per hour. Payments are accrued to such a specialist in proportion to the time worked by him. Certify the agreement (contract) with the signature of the director, the seal of the company. The employee should also sign on the part of the employee being hired.

The contract serves as the basis for the issuance of the order (use form T-1). Indicate the name of the organization, city in the "head" of the document. Date, number the order. The subject of the document will be the recruitment of an employee. The administrative part of the order must contain the personal data of the specialist, his position, the name of the department, as well as the size of the tariff rate, which is set for employees with an hourly payment. Verify the document with the signature of the director, the seal of the company. Familiarize with the order of the employee.

Enter a personal card for the employee, indicate the necessary information in it. Fill out the work book. The record of hiring an employee with an hourly salary is as follows. Put the serial number, the date of the entry. In the information about the work, indicate the position, department, name of the company where the specialist is admitted. In the grounds, write the number, date of the order.


If you decide to transfer an employee to an hourly wage, then you should obtain written consent from the employee. To the contract with a specialist, conclude an additional agreement, certify the document with the seal, signatures of the director and the employee. Draw up an order to change working conditions, familiarize the employee with it under signature.

The second option for registration of hourly payment will be the transfer of a specialist to part-time work. For this, an agreement is drawn up, a part-time order is issued.

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