❶ How To Write A Translation In A Work Book

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❶ How To Write A Translation In A Work Book
❶ How To Write A Translation In A Work Book

Video: ❶ How To Write A Translation In A Work Book

Video: ❶ How To Write A Translation In A Work Book
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How to write a translation in a work book
How to write a translation in a work book

When an employee in an organization should be transferred to another permanent job in the same company, an application must be accepted from him. On the basis of this document, an additional agreement to the contract should be concluded with a specialist. When translating, you need to issue an order and make an entry in the work book, make a note on your personal card. Location: Location:

You will need

- employee documents;

- job description;

- staffing table;

- documents of the enterprise;

- seal of the organization;

- labor legislation;

- order form in the T-8 form;

- transfer application form;

- an employment contract with an employee.

The transfer of an employee may be associated with a change in production, organizational working conditions or a reduction in staff. In these cases, the employer initiates the procedure. When an employee has a need for career growth, then the desire comes from a specialist. In any of the above situations, the employee prescribes his request for transfer in the form of an application addressed to the director. It indicates the position occupied by the employee, the service, as well as the position in which he wants to perform the labor function after the transfer.

Since the job responsibilities of the employee change during the transfer, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with him. It specifies all the necessary working conditions for the employee. The new position may involve a decrease / increase in salary compared to the previous job. This is enshrined in labor law. The specialist signs an additional agreement, thereby expressing his consent to all the conditions of the employer. The document is dated, certified by the signature of the director, the seal of the organization.

Based on the employee's statement and the drawn up agreement, the head of the enterprise should issue an order (the unified form T-8 is used). The administrative part includes the personal data of the employee, his previous position, as well as the new position, the salary for it (salary, allowances, bonuses). After the order has been certified, the document of the transferred employee is reviewed.

The transfer record in the specialist's work book looks like this. The ordinal number of the record and the date of transfer are put down. In the information about the work, the position, department, where the employee is transferred is written. The basis is an order in the form of T-8. The fourth column indicates its number and date. The translation record in the same company does not require certification with the seal and signature of the person in charge.


When transferring a specialist to another permanent job, it is necessary to make a note in his personal card. For this, its second section serves.

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