❶ Alexey Zubkov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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❶ Alexey Zubkov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
❶ Alexey Zubkov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Alexey Zubkov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Alexey Zubkov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Alexey Zubkov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alexey Zubkov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Handsome man Alexei Zubkov constantly breaks the hearts of his television fans. After all, no romantic film is complete without a charismatic hero performed by Zubkov. Although in life the actor is monogamous and has long and happily lived with his wife Tatyana. Location: Location:

Random movie

The heroes of Alexei Zubkov are positive beauties, whether it is Anatoly Tikhomirov from the TV series "Bodyguard" or Gennady Tomilin from "Mine". And Pavel Petrov from the TV series "Call My Door" has collected in his image all women's dreams and dreams. How does an actor manage to maintain a positive image in such a way, even playing not quite the right characters? Natural charm, appearance, height, voice and ability in every role to be an organic “your boyfriend” made Zubkov a constant participant in all famous melodramas.

Did Alexey himself dream of such glory? No, he did not even play in school plays and did not storm the theater universities. And his family was far from the creative intelligentsia. Zubkov's parents served in the navy, were people liable for military service. Alexey was born in 1972 (March 27) in Kiev, but he spent the first 14 years in Murmansk, where his father was sent to work. Alexei's sister was born there. After returning to Kiev, Zubkov studied at a serious gymnasium, where he studied history and philology in depth. But at the same time he dreamed of following in the footsteps of his parents and becoming a military man. But here he was completely disappointed - he could not pass the medical examination in any way due to vision problems. He was not even taken to serve in the army. I had to part with dreams of a military career.

At first, Zubkov simply did not know what to do in life. He began to work and was interrupted by small earnings, until the father ordered his son to issue an ultimatum - no matter where and how, but he should get a higher education. And unexpectedly for himself and for everyone, Zubkov submits documents to the theater, goes through all the tours and becomes a student of the Kiev Theater Institute named after Karpenko-Kary. It cannot be said that learning is easy for Alexei. He even dropped out of college in his third year. But after spending several years in search of himself, he is recovering on the course and in 2001 he receives a diploma. Perhaps the life experience that the actor managed to get, having worked as a personal guard and in the security service, helped him later in detective dramas.

Secret personal life

And while cinema has not yet entered the life of Alexei, he began to work at the National Theater. Ivan Franko, in which he serves to this day, like his wife Tatyana Shlyakhova. Zubkov's personal life is hidden from prying eyes. He rarely gives interviews, even less often talks about his family and wife. He met Tatyana at the institute, where they studied together. In 2001, the lovers played a modest wedding, and in 2006 the couple had a daughter, Zlata. The family lives in Kiev outside the city, they have their own private house. And this is the maximum that Zubkov talks about his family. But he can talk endlessly about creativity. And he has something to brag about. By the way, with his wife they are not involved in performances together. But their creative tandem can be seen in the movie "Buy a Friend". But Tatyana devotes more time to theater than cinema.


Romantic hero

Zubkov got his first role in the TV series Critical Condition in 2002. Of course, this was just an episode. And the next work found Alexei only two years later in the film "The Iron Hundred". So gradually, year after year, Alexey began to appear on television screens and be remembered by the viewer. In the theater during this period he had full employment. He was introduced to the main cast of the troupe, and he played in Othello, the Brothers Karamazov, and in the king Oedipus.

In 2006, Zubkov was noticed by the Russian director Alexei Kozlov and invited him to the action-packed series "Mine" for the main role. Zubkov was to play with Yaroslav Boyko, Nikolai Dobrynin and other famous actors. But Alexei was not taken aback and his character Gena Tomilin turned out to be so interesting that the series not only received high marks from viewers (average score of 6 out of 10), but also received a continuation - "Mine 2: Gold Rush", filmed a year after the release of the first part …


After this success, Alexey Zubkov did not have a single year of professional downtime. He is one of the few actors from the former CIS countries who is invited to act in Russia. And if you look at the statistics, he has more works in Russian paintings than in Ukrainian ones.

Zubkov was willingly invited to the main roles. A year after the success of "Mine", he again starred with Alexei Kozlov in the action-packed film "Black Snow" in the title role. And almost immediately the detective series “I am a bodyguard” is released, where Zubkov appears as a fearless professional bodyguard, Anatoly Tikhomirov. In total, four seasons of the series were filmed:

  • "Killer for the anniversary"
  • "Old scores"
  • "Cain's bodyguard"
  • "Error in the program."

After the success of this series, directors began to willingly invite Zubkov to the roles of romantic heroes. Yes, the work was mainly in the series, but how many actors now boast good roles in the full meter. What partners did you film with? Some beauties:

  • Maria Kulikova
  • Karina Razumovskaya
  • Svetlana Hodchenkova
  • Evgeniya Kryukova
  • Emilia Spivak

Together with Karina Razumovskaya, Zubkov played in four serial films "Call My Door". The romantic story of a poor single mother and a brutal businessman did not leave indifferent any of the viewers. Despite the naivety of the plot, the film received good ratings and reviews and is still often shown on air. Moreover, the film itself was based on the book of the same name by Natalia Nesterova. Zubkov can often be found in film adaptations of novels. Whether it be films based on detective stories by Tatyana Ustinova ("Wonderful are your deeds, Lord," The Genius of an Empty Place ") or a military drama about the defense of Moscow" The Last Frontier ". In total, Zubkov starred in sixty-one projects, and that's not counting theatrical work, voice acting and filming in advertising.

Now Alexei is busy filming at home. Two or three films with his participation are consistently released a year. It is already planned to release in 2019 the action-packed film "On the Edge of the Abyss" about nuclear tests in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War. All that remains is to wish Alexey Zubkov good scripts and the opportunity to star in a worthy feature film.

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