❶ Igor Martynov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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❶ Igor Martynov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
❶ Igor Martynov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Igor Martynov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Igor Martynov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
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Igor Martynov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Igor Martynov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Igor Martynov is one of the Russian officials on a regional scale. He started his career building military facilities. In the troubled nineties business came, and from there - to the administration of the native Astrakhan region. Takes a high place in the media rating of regional officials in terms of citation. Location: Location:

Biography: childhood and adolescence

Igor Alexandrovich Martynov was born on February 27, 1974 in Astrakhan. He also graduated from high school number 10 there.

In 1991 Martynov moved from Astrakhan to the Leningrad Region. There he entered the Pushkin Higher Military Engineering School of Construction (now part of the St. Petersburg Military Engineering and Technical University). In 1996 Martynov received a diploma in “Construction and operation of buildings and structures”. After college, he joined the ranks of the Russian army: he served in a construction battalion in one of Vladimir's military units.


After serving in the army, Martynov worked for some time in his specialty. However, the nineties became a difficult time for the Russian army, which at that time was in limbo after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was then decided to reduce the number of military personnel by almost three times. First of all, young specialists lost their jobs. Martynov also fell under the staff reduction.

In 1998 he returned to Astrakhan. He began to look for himself already in "civilian life", holding various positions in the construction industry. Martynov worked as a leading specialist in the Astrakhan Regional Registration Chamber, as a civil engineer at a local distillery and at Astrakhanorgtekhvodstroy OJSC.

Soon he started his own business in the construction industry. In 2003, Martynov served as CEO of his own company, Gidromontazh. At the same time, he entered the correspondence department of the International Law Institute under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. After completing his studies at the university, he became a certified lawyer.

Immediately after that, in 2006, Martynov came to the local self-government bodies of Astrakhan. He received the post of first deputy head of the Soviet district of the city, where he was in charge of housing and communal services.


Two years later, Martynov climbed the career ladder and became deputy head of the Astrakhan governor's administration. Then the region was headed by Alexander Zhilkin. In 2009, Martynov was elected head of the Kamyzyaksky district of the Astrakhan region. It is worth noting that he ran for this post twice, but was elected on the second attempt.

Igor Martynov took the helm of a rather specific Kamyzyaksky district - one of the largest in the Astrakhan region, with the unique nature of the Volga delta. A number of projects were implemented under his supervision, including:

  • construction of residential buildings for displaced persons from emergency housing and social buildings;
  • deepening the bottom of regional rivers in order to expand the water area;
  • the opening of new places in kindergartens;
  • landscaping of courtyards and recreation areas;
  • experimental selection of melons and vegetables with the involvement of private investors;
  • construction of the largest greenhouse complex in the region.

Martynov focused not only on socially significant programs. So, under him, the Kamyzyaksky district became the undisputed leader of the Astrakhan region in the field of tourism: about 170 bases functioned in the municipality, this is more than 40% of the region's tourist facilities.

Martynov was the head of the Kamyzyaksky district for five years. During this time, he left a noticeable mark on the history of this municipality, which has become one of the fastest growing not only in the Astrakhan region, but throughout the country. News from Kamyzyak could often be found in news feeds of both regional and federal media. Local residents called Martynov "the real owner of the area."

In 2014, Martynov becomes a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In the upper house of parliament, he represented the interests of his native land - the Astrakhan region.

In 2016, Martynov became a deputy of the Astrakhan Duma of the sixth convocation. He went there on the lists of "United Russia". Subsequently he was elected chairman of the Duma. In the same year he also became the secretary of the local branch of United Russia.

Having assumed the post of chairman of the Astrakhan Duma, Martynov first of all carried out the so-called personnel mopping-up. The local parliament of the sixth convocation, in comparison with the previous one, has been renewed by almost two-thirds. In one of his interviews, Martynov noted that new people are fresh ideas, so the decision to carry out a "cleanup" in the Duma was easy for him.

After becoming the head of the Duma, Martynov began to actively lobby for laws aimed at improving local taxation. Thus, the Astrakhan deputies pay special attention to the patent system. According to Martynov, she will help bring the business out of the shadows. Thanks to this, the regional budget will eventually receive more money.

Martynov also keeps special control over the events aimed at the patriotic education of the Astrakhan people. Thus, he oversees the activities of regional search units that work not only in the fields, but also create databases of missing soldiers. By joint efforts, more than three hundred names of the Astrakhan people who died during the Great Patriotic War were restored.


Igor Martynov has several awards:

  • certificate of honor of the governor of the Astrakhan region;
  • letter of thanks from the government of the Russian Federation;
  • medal "For services to the Astrakhan region".

Personal life

Igor Martynov is married. Raises two daughters. He tries not to advertise his wife and children in the media.

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