❶ Alexander Seleznev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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❶ Alexander Seleznev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
❶ Alexander Seleznev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Alexander Seleznev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Alexander Seleznev: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Video: Самый известный русский кондитер в Монако. Интервью с Александром Селезневым. 2023, May
Alexander Seleznev: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alexander Seleznev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Alexander Seleznev is a professional pastry chef, host of culinary programs, author of cookbooks, winner of numerous awards for victories in competitions and shows. His skills are recognized all over the world, which is confirmed by diplomas and certificates from the most prestigious culinary schools. Location: Location:

Childhood and adolescence: the beginning of a biography

Alexander Seleznev was born on March 8, 1973 in the city of Podolsk near Moscow. The family had two sons, but soon the father parted with his mother, on whose shoulders lay all the care of the children. A year later, little Sasha fell seriously ill, mumps and rubella were complicated by hearing loss. In the first years of school life, the boy had a hard time: he had to take the first desk in order to understand the material explained by the movements of the teachers' lips.

Despite hearing problems, Sasha studied well, besides, he was fond of music and choreography. An innate sense of rhythm and great desire helped. While studying in a comprehensive school, Alexander successfully completed the piano class as well.

Love for the art of confectionery and cooking manifested itself in early childhood. It all started corny: Sasha and his brother Tolya were happy to eat cookies and pies baked by their grandmother. These delicacies were much tastier than the store ones, and besides, they could be prepared on their own, under the grandmother's guidance. The idea of becoming a professional culinary specialist came to Seleznev in high school, but his mother insisted on a more "solid" specialty. Having listened to her opinion, Alexander entered the textile academy, but after finishing his third year, he realized that his vocation was completely different.

Professional development and successful career

The path to the dream began hard. Seleznev entered the culinary college three times - insufficient knowledge of languages: English and German prevented his successful enrollment. The motivated applicant promised the admissions committee that he would learn foreign languages in 2 years and graduate from college with honors. He was accepted and kept his word.

After receiving the coveted diploma, Alexander received an interesting offer from the Metropol restaurant. I had to start from the basics: washing and peeling vegetables, making simple snacks. The young man managed to make a favorable impression of himself, and soon he was recommended as a pastry chef's apprentice.


In the sweet shop, Seleznev began by making truffles - a simple but exquisite dessert. Then he was admitted to the process of baking and decorating cakes and pastries. When the new restaurant "Eldorado" opened, Alexander was able to get a job there as a pastry chef and work under the guidance of the famous master Hedeki Morikawa, who specializes in a mix of Japanese and Austrian culinary schools.

Having mastered the basics, Seleznev decided to expand his knowledge and went to culinary courses in Switzerland, France, Belgium. He collected unique recipes, studied the art of baking eclairs and petit fours, creating decorations from marzipan and sugar mastic. This knowledge helped the master not only form his own unique style, but also achieve victories at the most prestigious culinary competitions.

In 2004, the acclaimed culinary specialist opened the Alexander Seleznev Confectionery House. Here you could order a cake for an anniversary or a wedding, choosing the size, decoration, your own version of cakes and cream, purchase a set of branded cakes or other original dessert. Later, the House had its own website, making ordering even more convenient and fast. Before the holidays, themed sweets are made here, for example, a variety of Easter cakes.

At the same time, Alexander began writing books addressed not only to professional confectioners, but also to amateurs. The first bestseller was Sweet Stories, later new recipe books were released. Today there are 20 books in Seleznev's author's library, and they all sell well. Among the most famous works:

  • Sweet Recipes (2006);
  • Mysterious Biscotti (2008);
  • The Pastry Chef's Bible (2013);
  • “Cooking sweets for our loved ones” (2014);
  • “Festive pastries. Simple Recipes "(2014);
  • "Classic Cakes and Pastries" (2015);
  • "Soviet Cakes and Pastries" (2016);
  • Easy Recipes (2017).

Alexander Seleznev tried his hand at being a TV presenter. His favorite brainchild was the Sweet Stories program, where the master shares the secrets of making simple and complex desserts.

The latest project of a successful culinary specialist is pastry shops in Monaco and Monte Carlo, opened in 2015. The master has to completely manage the business, coordinating purchases, making the menu, performing the roles of the manager, director and chef.

Personal life

The master of confectionery does not like to spread about his personal life. In an interview, he repeatedly expressed regret that, due to a busy work schedule, he could not have a family and children. Today Alexander Seleznev lives alone, he is accompanied by the huge mountain dog Zhorik. The dog has a good-natured character and perfectly feels all shades of the owner's mood. Recently, the number of favorites has been replenished by the cat Murka: her pictures often flash on Alexander's instagram.

Seleznev likes to spend his rare leisure time in a house near Moscow. Here is a unique collection of telescopes - this is another hobby of the culinary specialist. But his greatest love is travel. On trips, Alexander gains the impressions necessary for work, rests, recharges himself with positive emotions and recovers strength. He plans to work at a tense pace for several more years, and then go on a trip around the world. Perhaps the result of this voyage will be new interesting recipes and books.

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