❶ Maria Aronova: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

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❶ Maria Aronova: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
❶ Maria Aronova: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Maria Aronova: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life

Video: ❶ Maria Aronova: Biography, Filmography, Personal Life
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Maria Aronova: biography, filmography, personal life
Maria Aronova: biography, filmography, personal life

Maria Valerievna Aronova is a famous Russian actress. Known for her roles in the television series "Stop on demand", "Strawberry", "Soldiers", as well as for filming commercials, work on television. Maria Aronova is the leading actress of the E. Vakhtangov Theater. Location: Location:

Childhood and youth

Maria Aronova was born on March 11, 1972. The family of the future talented actress lived in the city of Dolgoprudny. At school, Maria studied poorly. She received good grades only in literature, Russian language and history. She could hardly pull the rest of the items into threes.

Actress Maria Aronova dreamed of becoming from childhood. She constantly put on plays and concerts for neighbors. As the actress herself recalls, these performances annoyed her father.

At the age of 14, Maria met an Uzbek boy, and almost married him. By the way, Mary's lover was almost twice her age. The girl's parents have already given their consent to the marriage. However, the girl's feelings gradually began to cool down. She realized that she was not yet ready for marriage.

After school, Maria Aronova enters the theater school named after B. V. Shchukin, on the course of Vladimir Ivanov.

Even in her second year of college, Aronova was invited to the Moscow Academic Theater. Vakhtangov for the role of Belotelova in the play "The Marriage of Balzaminov". Later, Maria was engaged in two more productions of this famous theater.

In the graduation performance "The Tsar's Hunt" Maria brilliantly played the role of Catherine II. For this role, a very young actress received the State Prize of the Russian Federation. K. S. Stanislavsky.

After graduating from the Shchukin School in 1994, Maria Aronova was enrolled in the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater.

Work in theater, film and television

From the very first years of work in the theater, the actress was very lucky for the role. She was immediately involved in the main roles. Aronova considers the opportunity to work on the same stage with real masters of Russian theatrical art: Vladimir Etush, Yulia Rutberg, Sergei Makovetsky and Lyudmila Maksakova as a special success.

Maria Aronova began acting in films in 1995. She played her first film role in the film "Summer People" by Sergei Ursulyak, which was based on the play "Summer Residents" by Maxim Gorky. Here the young actress worked with such recognized masters as Sergei Makovetsky, Irina Kupchenko and Natalia Vdovina.

Film directors most often perceive Aronova as a characteristic actress, and often invite her to appear in light comedy series and films. However. The actress also has serious roles in her arsenal.

Despite being very busy in the theater, Maria Aronova is actively acting in films. Her filmography already has more than 60 roles.

The actress gained particular popularity thanks to her roles in the television series "Soldiers", "Strawberry", "Revelations", "Brothers in Exchange" and "Stop on Demand".

Since 2005, Maria Aronova has hosted the Crystal Turandot theater award ceremony every year.

On television, the actress leads the program "Everything will be fine", earlier this program was called - "I love, I can not!".

Personal life

Maria Aronova does not like noisy parties and bohemian parties. All her close friends have nothing to do with the world of theater and cinema.

Maria Aronova is married. Her second husband, Eugene, works as the head of the transport department in the same theater where the actress serves. Eugene supports his wife in everything. According to the actress herself, not every man is able to do as much for his family as her husband does. Eugene completely took over all the worries of everyday life.

Maria Aronova has two children: son Vladislav was born on August 9, 1991 and daughter Seraphim (born in 2004). The son of the actress also graduated from the Shchukin School and serves in the same theater. The daughter also dreams of becoming an actress.

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